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Sunflower Shoots

Our Sunflower shoots are grown under fully optimised conditions using pure composted soil with no added chemicals to really enhance their awesome nutty, lemony flavour!

Net weight per quantity ordered: 70g

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Our Sunflower shoots are grown under fully optimised conditions using pure composted soil with no added chemicals to really enhance their awesome nutty, lemony flavour! They are delicious simply by themselves as a healthy snack or can help transform the most ordinary sandwich, wrap or salad into an incredibly nourishing meal.

In terms of their nutrient profile, they really are quite outstanding; a complete source of protein with an amazing balance of all the essential amino acids necessary for our body to repair and recover. Furthermore, they are a great source of chlorophyll which has shown in certain studies to be effective in slowing the progression of certain cancers1, and decreasing inflammation and oxidative damage2.

When compared with a range of other microgreens, sunflower shoots were found to have the highest flavonoid content, a potent subcategory of phytonutrients with a proven benefit to human health3. Sunflower shoots were also shown to have a strong antioxidant capacity in the same study.

Sunflower shoots were found to inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in this study4. AGEs are implicated as a bio marker and potential causative factor for premature ageing and a range of degenerative diseases, so this finding helps supports the status of sunflower shoots as a superfood.


Flavonoids comprise a range of plant-based compounds, typically found in higher concentrations in intensely coloured fruits and vegetables. They have been associated with positive effects in a variety of disease states as a result of their antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, liver protective and anti-mutagenic properties.


Rinse thoroughly with clean water prior to eating. Our sunflower shoots are great just by themselves in a small side dish salad drizzled with olive oil and sea salt flakes. Alternatively, they are a great addition to any sandwich, wrap or soup!


Please store your shoots in the fridge, where they will last for up to a week. You can also freeze them to ensure they last for longer although freezing breaks the plant cell walls so they won’t look the same or have their awesome crunch.


Nutritional Information


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