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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done our best here to try and answer some of the more frequent questions to save you time, but if there is something you can’t find and you’d like some more information, please send us a message through our contact page or simply drop us an email.


When will I receive my salad order?


We have developed a highly successful planting schedule to ensure that all of our microgreen salads grow to achieve their optimum nutrition value. We harvest our salads twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays. The deadline for same day delivery is 9:00 am on these harvest days. Orders received before 9:00 am on one of our harvesting days will be sent out for delivery on the same day. Orders received after 9:00 am on a harvest day will be shipped on the next scheduled harvest day. So, depending on when during the week you place your salad order, you may have to wait a day or so to receive it. We send all our parcels (up to 5kg) through Royal Mail First Class so you should receive your order the next day. Parcels weighing over 5kg and up to 10kg are sent via Royal Mail's Tracked24 Service.


Is your packaging recyclable?


Yes, all our packaging is recyclable. Along with our intent to deliver the healthiest possible products to our customers, we also have a strong desire to do what we can to conserve the health of our planet. All of our plastic packagings are fully recyclable PET and we use cardboard where possible to minimise the use of plastic altogether. In addition, we have a composter at our microfarm unit which we use to dispose of all our organic waste and we then give this compost away for free to our local community.


How long can I keep my fresh microgreens for?


When your salad order arrives with you, please refrigerate it immediately. Kept them in a fridge, they should remain in good condition for up to 1 week. If you are adding them to smoothies or other foods and are not too concerned about their appearance, you can freeze them to extend their shelf life but their appearnace will change and they will lose their awesome crunch!

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