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Our Story

PhytoBalance is a company originally founded by long-time friends Zib and Alex to produce fresh microgreens using environmentally-friendly practices with the aim of increasing the availability of nutrient-dense food within their local community. We have grown from this original ethos into a brand which delivers a range of foods and drinks that not only benefit personal health but taste great too.

Using optimised small-scale farming techniques, we have brought to market a range of superfood microgreens and mushrooms, bursting with supercharged doses of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We have a wide range of microgreens and mushrooms to choose from, with an amazing variety of flavours to compliment any dish. Many chefs have recently begun to recognise just how delicious microgreens taste and you’ll often notice them appearing in gourmet meals. In addition to their taste, there are also many examples of recognised scientific research detailing their numerous health benefits. We take great care in ensuring that we provide a fresh product that can be delivered to tables, restaurants and the consumer within hours of harvest. If this wasn’t enough, we have condensed some of our most potent products using our cold press juicer to provide shots of pure goodness with countless health benefits.

In addition to our single ingredient microgreen and mushroom products, we have also developed a range of juices and smoothies with specific ingredients, scientifically proven to benefit certain aspects of health and importantly; at doses which actually work!

Alongside our products, we have the ambition to keep our impact on the Earth to a positive one so we have ensured our packaging is recyclable, that we limit waste as far as possible (we compost our organic matter) and make optimum use of our energy consumption. We have a firm plan set for the next couple of years to ensure that we further develop our use of sustainable materials and methods. We want to provide you with the best possible product, both for you and the environment!

Zib Atkins

Co-Founder of PhytoBalance

Hey, my name is Zib and I am one of the co-founders of PhytoBalance.

I have been interested in the impact of diet and lifestyle on physical performance and longevity for nearly 15 years. A key passion of mine is understanding how the human body works and how we can optimise its function. Having completed a degree in Human Bioscience, a diploma in Clinical Nutrition, I recently completed a Master’s in Molecular Medicine in order to develop a more comprehensive knowledge of human health, and am about to embark on a PhD!

I have always taken an immersive approach; applying the principles I have learnt in my studies to improve my diet, lifestyle and overall health. Over the years, I have experimented with different herbal extracts, natural ingredients and broader diet/lifestyle interventions grounded by the findings of solid, scientific research. This was with the aim of maximising my mental and physical performance whilst also benefiting my healthspan; ensuring I can live for as long and in as good health, as possible. Having been a keen gym enthusiast from a young age, I applied my knowledge towards my training regime and won the British and World Powerlifting titles with the World Powerlifting Union in 2017 and several u-80kg Strongman competitions.

Over the past 5 years, I have undergone a slow transition towards thinking more of my health in the future, consuming foods and living a lifestyle which will enable me to live a healthy life past my centenary! Alongside this, following the birth of my 2 young sons, my perception of the world has gradually changed, and I have a keen ambition to do what I can to help ensure our planet remains healthy for future generations. In line with this, me and my family have chosen to live a vegan lifestyle and try to consume as much organic, natural foods as possible to limit harm to ourselves and to prevent inflicting it on the other inhabitants of our planet. I have also been fortunate enough to be involved with the Al-Fikr charity; a UK charity dedicated to providing local and international humanitarian aid. I am inspired to follow its aim of supporting and enabling our fellow human beings to live better lives.

With PhytoBalance, my main aim is to use my scientific awareness to develop a range of products, to bring our unique microgreen, mushroom and plant-based formulations to the wider public so that everyone can benefit from their awesome health-enhancing properties.

"PhytoBalance is the intelligent way to get the nutrients your body needs to own the day."

Eating one portion of our microgreens or having one cup of our coffee per day could help you to live a healthier and longer life.

Zib Atkins – Co-Founder of PhytoBalance

Alex Williamson

Co-Founder of PhytoBalance

Hey, I’m Alexander Williamson, co-founder and head farmer at PhytoBalance.

Through my early 20’s, horticultural/botanical science became one of my biggest passions, and I have been cultivating various fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants ever since. For the past 8 years, I have travelled the world, gaining agricultural experience particularly from various parts of Europe; developing my understanding of a diverse range of farming techniques and the effects of different climate conditions. As a result of my experiences, I recognised the need for less intensive farming methods that can ensure eco-sustainability in an urban environment.

Since returning to the UK, I've developed a system of micro-farming which enables me as a farmer to follow organic practices and produce a range of plants and mushrooms with a reduced carbon footprint using an eco-friendly approach to reduce PhytoBalance Farm's impact on the environment yet still produce a nutrient dense food.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time outdoors and connecting with the earth's elements. I believe nature holds the answers to many of the modern-day issues that we are facing across the globe. At the same time, I recognise that technological advancements can complement the power of the earth's natural resources to enhance our lives, which we can see on a larger scale through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. My respect for the potential synergy between nature and technology is a key driver for the practices I implement as the Head Farmer at PhytoBalance.

Having left a successful career in stock market trading, I have been able to dedicate my time towards fulfilling my passions for urban agriculture, biohacking, developing nutrient dense foods, neuroscience and solving global food-related issues. With PhytoBalance, I aim to bring my knowledge and experience to contribute to society to benefit the greater public health.

Our Values

PhytoBalance is Science Based Longevity

Using a combination of scientific validated and organically grown or sourced ingredients, we want to help build a healthier society, that benefits everyone. It's easy to feel healthier and have more energy when your body is fuelled with the nutrients it needs.

We value being able to provide a premium service and product to our customers, whilst making a conscious effort to remain as green as possible - what's good for us needs to be good for the planet too.