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Microgreens: accessible superfoods to help you lead a healthier lifestyle

Microgreens: accessible superfoods to help you lead a healthier lifestyle

At PhytoBalance, we want to make it easier for you to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. PhytoBalance is an urban micro farm, based in Milton Keynes, offering nutritionally dense superfoods in the form of microgreens. Our products are grown, produced, and packaged in an environmentally friendly way, taste great, and are delivered direct to your door.

The “busyness” conundrum

“Busyness” is often a fact of modern life. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing – busyness can mean chasing your dreams; balancing fulfilling work with family life; socialising and pursuing hobbies.

However, being on the go requires energy – and yet we can find ourselves struggling to find the time to source and prepare the nutritious food that will provide it. It becomes all too easy to fuel ourselves with caffeine, sugary snacks and easy-to-grab foods. 

So how can you nurture all the different aspects of your life without sacrificing your health and wellbeing? 

Save time, improve your health and help the environment 

PhytoBalance provides a solution. Our food, drinks and supplements bring many, scientifically supported health benefits and can be incorporated into even the busiest of lifestyles. 

Our products can be enjoyed alone or added to an existing meal, meaning there’s no requirement to spend hours in the kitchen or dramatically overhaul your current routine.

What’s more, our commitment to green practices means that you can rest assured that you are having a positive impact on the environment when you consume PhytoBalance products. Our packaging is recyclable, we limit waste and optimise our energy consumption. 

PhytoBalance is committed to making healthy living accessible, practical, and sustainable.

The science behind the products

Finally, at PhytoBalance we are committed to creating products that deliver genuine health benefits. We have undertaken extensive and rigorous scientific research to verify the legitimacy of these benefits so that you can trust, with confidence, the integrity of our products and their life-enhancing qualities.

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