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Microfarming: Little Farms with Big Benefits.

Microfarming: Little Farms with Big Benefits.

PhytoBalance is an urban micro farm based in the heart of Milton Keynes UK, and we provide fresh super-foods to the entire nation. Products are handpicked and packaged within 24 hours so that they arrive fresh and ready-to-eat at our customers’ doors. Visit our Farm Shop and explore our product range!

What is Microfarming?
Micro farming is a technique of small-scale agriculture that uses far less land than the average commercial farm. At PhytoBalance, we take this a step further with a vertical farming structure in an urban environment – urban agriculture.

Micro farming in an urban environment means we are able to produce fresh food and supply it directly to your door – hand grown, picked, and packaged. The type of crops we grow are perfectly suited to grow quickly and compactly.

What Do Micro Farms Grow?

The fresh food we produce has been tailored over years of testing, and most of our crops grow from seed to harvest within 1-2 weeks. This allows micro farms like ours to produce an enormous amount of food ‘per acre’. This also means we can provide savings to our customers, as our land footprint is far smaller.

At PhyoBalance we sustainably grow a range of super-foods, jam-packed with nutrients to help you remain healthy. Our range has been hand-picked and tested for its quality, including Wheatgrass, Broccoli Sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots and so much more!

Is Microfarming Sustainable?
Due to the small land footprint of micro farming, it allows us to try to keep our impact on the Earth a positive one. At PhytoBalance we have ensured our packaging is recyclable, that we limit waste as far as possible (we compost our organic matter) and make optimum use of our energy consumption. We have a firm plan set for the next couple of years to ensure that we further develop our use of sustainable materials and methods. We want to provide you with the best possible product, both for you and the environment!

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